World Dj Championship

Red Bull Music 3style

  • Event / Motion design

Red Bull assigned us on a major project during this competition gathering the best DJs in the world. With competitors from 24 different countries, the 3style (and us) witnessed the performances of major names like Kid Koala, A-Track et Jazzy Jeff. For the 2013 edition, we did the animations and the live feed at each of the eight Canadian stops.

In 2019, for the sixth year, the Fokus team was in charge of the motion design, the live feed and the recap clips of the Red Bull Music 3style world finals, held that year in Taipei, Taiwan. Here is the recap clip of the 6 days of competition, when the top 24 DJs in the world tried hard to be the next World Champion.

Red Bull Music 3style World Finals 2019 in Taiwan

Red Bull 3style World Finals 2018 in Poland

Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2016 in Chile

Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2015 in Japan

Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals 2014 in Azerbaijan

Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2013 in Toronto

Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2011 in Vancouver

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